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By Aviation Captain Expert Witness 2541

How a “Wise Guy” Aviation Expert Witness Can Win Your Case!…..

We all know wise guys; most are arrogant, pushy and a pain in the….

But the kind of wise guy I’m talking about is someone with a High EQ, a High Emotional Intelligence Quotient

This isn’t the same as a high IQ; a high IQ is associated with someone who has “brain smarts”

Brain smarts often get people in trouble

Because brain smart guys and gals often rely solely on their

Brains to figure things out, thereby missing out on

Emotional clues that tell a whole different story

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Simply put, Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense one’s own feelings and emotions as well as pick up on someone else’s feelings and emotions

When you do that it gives you an edge, a competitive edge, if you care to use it

Emotional Intelligence is lacking in most people because they react instead of respond to stress and life in general

When you have the ability to respond to situations, that emotional edge gives you an immediate advantage

How a “Wise Guy” Aviation Expert Witness Can Help Win Your Case with emotional intelligence

Why An Aviation Expert Witness With a High EQ Can Help You Win in Court!

If you haven’t noticed, these days most people have low Emotional Intelligence or low EQ – just look on Facebook and see what’s happening in commercial airline cabins these days

This kind of thing is happening because people are under tremendous stress and they don’t know where it’s coming from or how to deal with it

They’re ruled and run by their emotions

True “wise guys” have a handle on their emotions, they have a high EQ

That has very little to do with a high IQ, or brain smarts

Too often brain smart people let their brain override their common sense, and their ability to pick up on another’s emotional response

Why Brain Smarts Seldom Win in Court

You probably figured out by now that brain smarts have very little to do with Emotional Smarts

Emotionally smart people can “read” others and use that to their advantage

They can “pick up” on the emotions of others

Those emotions tell them something

When you know your feelings/emotions and the feelings of others

You can’t easily be fooled

Because that gives you a “competitive” edge

Over others with a high IQ or those considered to be “smart”

This all takes training so you can learn

(1) What you’re feeling

(2) What it’s telling you

(3) How you’re reacting or responding to those feelings

(4) What to do with them and then

(5) How to respond, not react…

I’ll “see” you in court…..


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